About Borik Commercial Center

To keep life simple yet efficient, Borik complex has a mini shopping centre at hand - just a stone's throw away from the residential buildings.
In it you will find everything to settle your shopping needs - from clothe's boutique to supermarket.

The residents and other visitors can buy groceries, freshly baked goods, drugstore or any products for daily needs, use the fitness gym, spend time in a cosy restaurant with stunning views of the seacoast, Borik D-Marina, Borik beach, the islands, within walking distance of their home.
We know how essential for families with small kids to have child-facilities close to home, and our team put in a Mall-plan a space for the kindergarten as well, which is just in few minutes by walk from your new BORIK RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX.
The shopping mall is equipped with underground parking for visitors to the shopping centre.