A modern urban block in the heart of Borik Zadar designed for you

Dear customers, Porta Group starts the Presale Offer for 42 modern apartments at “Borik Residence Complex” in Zadar city. Real- estate in new buildings is considered a profitable purchase and a good investment for your money.

The availability of all necessary utilities, social and transport infrastructure is a key advantage of BORIK RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX.

An apartment in a modern residential complex by the sea will become a cozy family nest for a long-stay or a second homebase place to relax!

We have prepared an attractive conditions for the direct clients.

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Five modern buildings in the heart of Vitrenjak - Borik Zadar

Borik project represents Five modern buildings in the heart of “Vitrenjak”- strongly developing district of Zadar.

Enjoy a new state-of-art residential complex that meets all the needs of your urban life. We designed, taking into account new trends and technical innovations, build comfortable housing with internal and external infrastructure that is comfortable to live in and meets the needs of future Croatian residents. Our houses can be a great home for both families with children, young or age people and for clients who are looking for smart investing. Porta Group does not stand aside the public spaces, bright playground and safe yards, which are actively improved and used.
Five residential buildings are connected by green areas with a playground for kids and with all the necessary additional facilities for quality life.

Among other things, there is an urban shopping mall, so that residents can buy groceries, freshly baked goods, drugstore or any products for daily needs, use the fitness gym, spend time in a cosy restaurant with stunning views of the seacoast, Borik D-Marina, Borik beach, the islands, within walking distance of their home.

We know how essential for families with small kids to have child-facilities close to home, and our team put in a Mall-plan a space for the kindergarten as well, which is just in few minutes by walk from your new homebase.

Parking for cars around the Borik residential complex and under it - in the underground parking lot/area with the presence of additional large storage facilities. The shopping mall is equipped with underground parking for visitors to the shopping centre and a separate parking floor for the residents of the residential complex with a direct access to the building.

A separate highlight is the excellent views of all flats: the floor to ceiling balcony windows allow you fully appreciate the islands and sea views from the top floor apartments, garden and city view from the other floors.
All top-floor apartments have its own roof-terrace, where you can work out or practice yoga, have warm gatherings with friends and family, and enjoy the stunning Sea and island views around you. 

In the preparation phase, you can still choose the size and design of the apartment that meets your needs. 


About Zadar

Zadar is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea, the center of Zadar County and the wider regional complex of northern Dalmatia and Lika, within the European NUTS 2 region of Adriatic Croatia. According to the number of inhabitants, it is the second city in Dalmatia, and the fifth in the Republic of Croatia.
The inner city has about 80,000 inhabitants, while the urban area of ​​Zadar has about 118,000 inhabitants.
It developed in a favorable position in the center of the Croatian part of the eastern Adriatic coast, protected by a number of Zadar islands from the influence of the open sea, which was of great importance in the period of predominance of sailing maritime traffic.
The mainland coast is a spacious flat area of ​​Ravni Kotar, which allows it to expand unhindered, which distinguishes it from most other coastal cities in Croatia.
The coastal area is morphologically separated by the Velebit massif, but also connected with Lika and the continental parts of Croatia, which has recently been evaluated by the construction of a modern highway, ie the Sveti Rok tunnel.